The Pakistani tragedy : How many must die before change?

The recent attacks in Pakistan have graphically showed what the terrorists are capable of doing, so often in the past some Muslims have made excuses for terrorist behavior, blaming the media, Israel, the West, oppression or just plain denial of the facts. These attacks illustrate that this deviant version of Islam must be destroyed.


The first thing that the Muslim community needs to do is stop the inability to criticize itself, it must acknowledge what is right and what is wrong, and there are certainly some groups, who claim to be Muslim that are doing the most terrible things. These groups must be shunned, isolated and held accountable for what they have done, no excuses must be made, nor different standards be applied, one can only imagine the rage if this attack was committed by Indian Hindus on Pakistani Muslims, it may have even triggered all out war. Yet these attacks happen and very little is said or done, in the last week these are the headlines:


Al Shabab : Kill 36 people because they “were not Muslim”

ISIS : 230 people of the same family killed

Taliban : 130 children massacred

Boko Haram : Day 230 of searching for the 300 school girls who were kidnapped. 


These are indefensible crimes, there is no way to rationalise or legitamise these acts, the Muslim community should be the first and loudest to not just say these acts are wrong, but be the first to try and stop these groups. How much criticism do the Muslims give Israel for their crimes, and no doubt Israelis have committed horrendous crimes, but we must not simply criticise the Israelis for being Israeli, we must criticise the wrong doings, who ever does them. 


If the people were genuine with their disgust at injustice, then there would be much more rage against ISIS, Taliban, Boko Haram, Al Shabab and the others, yet there is almost complete silence, and certainly no action against them.


The worrying thing is, if the Taliban killed a thousand, or even 10,000 children would anything change? We desperately need a rapid change in thinking to make the Muslims firm and rise up against these deviant groups.


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