Strategies against Islam

The Muslims have been under constant threat throughout history, however one strategy that is being used more and more is “Divide and Conquer”, creating divisions in the community and then letting them weaken each other. Modern history has shown that these groups do not form naturally, but rather they are created and sustained by non-Muslim forces, a clear cut example of this is the Ahmadiya and the Wahabi/Salafi sects.


The Ahamadiyya sect started in British India in the late 19 century, led by Ghulam Ahmad, he claimed to be both Prophet Jesus As and Imam Mahdi As. Those two figures are written about extensively within authentic Muslim texts and there are specific circumstances for their re-appearance and they hail a new dawn of Islam where peace and justice prevail. Ghulam Ahmad died in 1908, and the world is much the same as it was prior to his appearance, except that there is a new sect, a further division in Islam. This new sect has been nurtured and sustained by the British, with the first mosque in Britain was an Ahmadiya one, and their new “mega mosque” in Morden. One of the aspects of Ahmadiya that the British love is the abolishment of Jihad, so now legitimate resistance is not permitted, a very useful feature for colonial powers, hence Ghulam Ahmad’s famously quoted line from his book:


[Ruhani Khazein: Volume 15, Page 156]


“For 20 years i have been preaching submission to the British Government and have been advising my disciples accordingly”


The Ahmadiyya project is relatively simplistic and has not had a major effect, some of the lay people in India have converted from ignorance to deviance, however it is of no significance. What is important however, is that the British realised how to tackle the “Muslim Problem”, and they took this concept and applied it to the middle east, what is now Saudi Arabia.


Before the rule of the Saud family, the Islamic caliphate ruled the arabian peninsula, the British wanted to dominate the area, but did not have the man power or the appetite for direct military confrontation, so they decided to empower local people to create a rebel force that would do the hard work for them. The history is of these events are not disputed, and for a detailed account, please refer to this article. Suffice to say, the British managed to empower, equip and direct a rebel force that overthrew the Muslim control of the area, the British then installed their puppet leaders in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Iraq, the other parts of the middle east were given to other countries. 


If we fast forward to today, the effects of the artificial growth of the Wahhabi group is devastating, 15 of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 were Saudi citizens, the vast majority of terror stems from the Saudi ideology of Salafism. This is well known to those who have an interest in the area, but the debated point is what can be done? What can the Muslims do to stop the lay people falling for the traps of Ahmadiya and Salafism? 





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