Salafi Jihad : Anal Sex …Is anything off limits?

In 2009 a Saudi man started asking questions on an internet forum about Jihad, a Saudi scholar answers him and this leads to his death. Watch the video to read the question and the outcome.



What is shameful is that the salafi scholar implies that the “ends” justify the “means”, and it is this principle that many terrorists use to justify attacks in civilian areas and 


The salafi who asked the question was called Abdullah Hassan al-Asiri, he went on to have himself sodomized so he could use his anus as a storage for his explosive device. On August 27, 2009, Asiri waited in line at Mohammed bin Nayef’s Jeddah home as “well-wisher,” a tradition in the kingdom during Ramadan. He exploded a suicide bomb (perhaps with a cell phone), killing himself, but only lightly injuring bin Nayef.


To read more about this disturbing story, click here


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