Religion without the use of Intelligence?


Abu ‘Abdallah al-‘Asimiy has narrated from Ali ibn al-Hassan from Ali ibn Asbat from al-Hassan ibn al-
Juham from abu al-Hassan al-Rida (a.s) who has said the following.
“Our people mentioned intelligence and spoke about it in the presence of the Imam al-Rida (a.s), and he
said, ‘Of the religious people those who have no intelligence deserves no credit.’


Al Kafi H 32, Ch. 1, h 32


What can we understand by this? There are many similar traditions that have reached us, so we must take this statement seriously. The meaning that I understand is not that there are people who are less intelligent and all their honest worship of God and good deeds are of no value. Rather, the one who worships without knowing what they are doing, they deserve no credit. 

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