Reason can not reach Him

H 281, Ch. 11, h 6
Muhammad ibn Abu ‘Abdallah has narrated from Muhammad ibn Isma‘il from al-Husayn ibn
al-Hassan from Bakr ibn Salih from al-Hassan ibn Sa‘id from ‘Abdullah ibn al-Mughirah
from Muhammad ibn Ziyad who has said the following.
“I heard Yunus ibn Zabyan saying, ‘I went to meet abu ‘Abdallah (a.s.), and said, “Hisham
ibn al-Hakam has uttered monstrous words. I will briefly mention a few words. He thinks
Allah has a body because things are of two types; (a) body and (b) the acts. It is not possible
for the Creator Himself to be just actions or functions. But it is possible to consider Him as
the agent.” Abu ‘Abdallah (a.s.) then said, ‘That is not proper from him. Does he not know
that the body has limits and the form has limits and an end? Whatever is subject to limitations
is also subject to increase and reduction and such things are created.’
I then asked, “What then I should say?” He replied, ‘Allah is without body and form. He is the
giver of body to all bodies and the giver of form to all forms. He can not be divided or
limited. He does not grow or decrease. If it were as they say, then there would have been no
difference between the Creator and the created, the inventor and the invented. But He is the
Creator and the inventor. He has made the distinction and differentiation between that to
which He has given body, form and that which He has invented. This is because nothing is
similar to Him nor He resembles anything.’”

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