Ramathan Mubarak

The Holy Month of Ramadan Mubarak!



According to the famous Hadith of Mi‘raj, Prophet Muhammad (s) asked God, ‘Oh my Lord, what is the outcome of fasting?’ God replied, ‘Fasting brings wisdom; wisdom brings knowledge; and knowledge brings certainty. When a servant achieves certainty it no longer matters to him whether he lives in difficulty or in ease.’ (Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 77, p. 27)

قال : “یا رب! و ما میراث الصوم؟” قال: “الصوم یورث الحکمة، والحکمة تورث المعرفة، والمعرفة تورث الیقین، فاذا استیقن العبد لا یبالی کیف اصبح بعسر ام بیسر.”

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