Paris Attacks : Usual Suspects

Another bomb, another attack, another list of victims. The all too familiar news report of violence, followed by the social media analysis. However, things are becoming clearer, even the casual browser of the news knows who is responsible. 


Just in case people were not sure, IS has claimed responsibility, however we all knew deep down inside it was them, or at least people who think like them. 


Is this just another case of “Salafis being Salafis” ?



Is this a consequence of France supplying Syrian rebels with arms? This video from 2013 reports that the French weapons being supplied to the terrorists in Syria may come back to haunt them, 2 years later it did.



 What is more sad is that most of the evil being committed we do not see or hear about in the West, for example the recent bombing in Lebanon received almost no coverage, there was no “Ana Lubnani” (Arabic for I am Lebanese), just a short report with a statement of “around 100 dead”. The group that committed these attacks are the same. They are also doing the same thing in Syria and Iraq.





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