EU report lists Salafi/Wahabi ideology as behind Terror

The Saudi regime who has put billions of its oil dollars into spreading the cult of Wahabism otherwise known as Salafism around the world has been heavily criticised in a report written by the European Union.


The report can be read in full by clicking the link :  Saudi support for terrorism.


Current terror groups known to have Wahabism/Salafism as their ideology include:


  • Boko Haram
  • ISIS
  • Al Nusra Front
  • Al Qaeda
  • Al Shabab
  • Taliban
  • Many Chechen groups – including those behind the Beslan School massacre.


The Salafi groups are also responsible for countless attacks on other Muslim groups as one of their main aims is to cause division in the Muslim community between the Salafis and non-Salafis. 


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